Keianna D.

Todays marks the 100th day of school for EverGreen Elementary, and I pray everyday there will be many more 100th days of school to celebrate with Evergreen.

I believe choosing to send Keiana to EverGreen was the best choice I could have ever made. I have seen amazing results socially but even more so academically. I am proud to say that we started with EverGreen on EverGreen’s first day, and look forward to being part of the EverGreen family for as long as we can.

The way the staff all works together is a blessing when I say family, it is because that is what it reminds me of when I walk into EverGreen. Every staff member is pleasant to deal with, not only with me personally, but I see how each and everyone of you treats each other. What a great example to set for all the students. I like that EverGreen is a smaller school setting where everyone knows everyone and the children get the chance to know each teacher before they actually are in their class. I really hope you can continue with the small class settings to ensure that each child gets the time they need for learning. I feel like Keiana is not just a number at this school, but rather she is one of the students that you want to and strive to give an education to.

This year Keianais in first grade with Mrs. Jennifer Maier. I have never seen such a dedicated teacher in my life! I could not ask for more! Keiana started with barely being able to read, not knowing any math facts, and let’s just say maybe a little lower than most kindergartners. Today, Keiana is reading chapter books, does math on her own, and SO much more. It makes me so proud when I see and others tell me she is reading more than their 2nd and 3rd graders! The expectations maybe high and there is a lot of homework for first grade, but I will vow to say “IT IS SO WORTH IT!” Without Mrs. Maier, I am not sure where Keiana would be academically today. It’s only overwhelming, until you get a routine set at home, and we all know children need routine.

I hope EverGreen continues to be the same school it was this year, keeps the classrooms remaining small and that each teacher within EverGreen is as dedicated as Mrs. Maier with their students. I look forward to experiencing new changes and successful education throughout the years to come.


I am excited to say, I have a child that can prove it!

Keep up the great work, EverGreen is AMAZING!

Thank you for all you do,

Malia Dexter


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