Dallas and Bria D.

My children Dallas and Bria have improved in their academic and social skills since they have attended EverGreen Academy.  Also, I notice they listen more to me and their behavior is better than it was before they attended EverGreen.  I believe EverGreen is the best school for them.  Their teachers and the staff have made it possible for them to grow academically, socially and behaviorally.   I was very impressed that Dallas (4K) can now spell three letter words, for example cat. Also, he has memorized some addition problems.  He is very observant and his teacher has said he is very precise.

My daughter Bria has gained confidence and is motivated to learn while she is at EverGreen school.  Her attendance and writing skills have improved.  Last year, at the previous school she attended she missed many days of school and I am pleased to say that she hasn’t missed many days this year.  Since she has performed at the Christmas Concert, she feels comfortable enough to dance in front of others!  I think she wants to be a dance choreographer!  I look forward to the following years that they will attend EverGreen!

-Stephanie Martinez

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