Kadyn and Tristyn

Kadyn has come a long way since he has started at EverGreen! He was always the really shy kid that didn’t talk to others if he didn’t know you.  He never participated in group discussions or played with the other kids.  Being at EverGreen this year, Kadyn has now come out of his shyness stage and is actively a group participator and constantly raises his hand in class. He has made an enormous amount of friends from school that he talks about constantly.  I believe Ms. Longo and EverGreen are the reasons why Kayden has broken out of his shyness.

Tristyn has WOWED me academically since he has been at EverGreen!  He is only in the first grade, but he is advanced in all areas!  We love the small classroom sizes and how Mrs. Maier’s teaches Tristyn he can reach for the starts and never think he’s not able to accomplish something.  We love that Mrs. Maier gives Tristyn advanced grades homework to continue his learning advancement.

I am a FULL believer of EverGreen and what they want to accomplish!  Way to go EverGreen and staff!

-Teresa Gagne

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