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missionOur mission is:

1. Each child will be known, not merely by that child’s particular teacher, but by all the staff as well. This will be accomplished by small classes and by frequent interaction between students and staff.

2. Each child will be valued because the worth of every individual is great. Every effort will be made by the staff of this school to see that each child will be treated as a precious commodity who has intrinsic worth regardless of their individual circumstances.

3. Each child will be challenged to do their best in all the aspects of their education, including academic, physical education, music, art, and social interaction with others. The curriculum will be sufficiently rigorous to ensure each child will learn what they will need to learn, and progress will be measured and monitored to make certain each child is keeping up.

4. Each child will be nurtured, by which we mean they will be helped, guided, directed, and gently prodded to grow and develop their various talents – by kind and caring teachers and staff.

5. Each child, each day, will be in an environment of happiness, joy, and excitement that will generate within them a desire to come to school each day.

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