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Dallas and Bria D.

My children Dallas and Bria have improved in their academic and social skills since they have attended EverGreen Academy.  Also, I notice they listen more to me and their behavior is better than it was before they attended EverGreen.  I believe EverGreen is the best school for them.  Their teachers and the staff have made it possible for them to grow academically, socially and behaviorally.   I was very impressed that Dallas (4K) can now spell three letter words, for example cat. […]

Adam H.

Our son Adam came to EverGreen and was considered behind.  Ms. Quinn put in the extra time, effort and care.  Adam has emerged at the appropriate learning level.  Ms. Quinn’s approach to teaching is hands on, which makes learning fun. In the schools mission statement it says.” Each child will be known, not merely by that child’s particular teacher, but by all the staff as well.”  The school has already accomplished this.  It is a smaller school with small class […]

Antonio K.

Antonio has excelled so much at EverGreen this year!  His math and reading skills are great!  His social skills are improving and he has made new friends.  Mrs. Quinn is an awesome teacher.  She is very involved and doesn’t treat my son like “just another student”.  Her caring side shows with the time she invests in her students!  Thank you! -Kris Kulig

Celia H.

Celia is totally engaged and excited about going to school.  She has learned to write her name, recognize all her numbers, letters and shapes.. and she even tries to teach us her new Spanish words!  She is Growing So Fast! Thank you EverGreen! -Robbie and Irene Harrington

Conner J.

Conner seems much happier and excited to go to school everyday.  He loves all the staff at EverGreen and seems to not have any problems with any of the other children.  When he was at Unified, he was bullied a lot by other children and we did not have much success with the staff at the school to help him and to take action with the bullying.  Thank you so much to all the staff at EverGreen for making my […]

Taniyah S.

I am very happy with the way Taniyah has grown at EverGreen Academy.  She loves going to school and I can see that she has a very good relationship with her teacher and all the staff.  Taniyah talks about school and her friends there everyday.  I know Taniyah has a bright future at EverGreen Academy! -Vanessa Marquez

Stevona H.

My daughter, Stevona was having trouble with reading and EverGreen offered tutoring for reading.  At her Teacher Conference, I see improvement.  Also, we love the spelling assignments.  She is learning her words by using them in daily assignments. Izette H.

Kadyn and Tristyn

Kadyn has come a long way since he has started at EverGreen! He was always the really shy kid that didn’t talk to others if he didn’t know you.  He never participated in group discussions or played with the other kids.  Being at EverGreen this year, Kadyn has now come out of his shyness stage and is actively a group participator and constantly raises his hand in class. He has made an enormous amount of friends from school that he […]

Keianna D.

Todays marks the 100th day of school for EverGreen Elementary, and I pray everyday there will be many more 100th days of school to celebrate with Evergreen. I believe choosing to send Keiana to EverGreen was the best choice I could have ever made. I have seen amazing results socially but even more so academically. I am proud to say that we started with EverGreen on EverGreen’s first day, and look forward to being part of the EverGreen family for […]