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One person was “It” and is in the middle blindfolded. The others are in a circle, passing around a metal bucket with marbles(trying to keep marbles quiet). When the person who is it hears the marbles they point to that person and they become it.


Ms. Fieder’s Life Cycle of a Butterfly <–follow the link 🙂

Graphing with skittles

My class has been learning about dinosaurs and paleontologists. We “dug” dinosaurs out of clay today. A triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex.

Easter egg hunt. Brought to you by Mrs. Morgan 🙂

The girls are building a village. The boys are being paleontologists. We’ve been learning about dinosaurs.



Miss Racine read a book, that she wrote, about learning to read. Then the kids wrote and illustrated a story and some of them shared with the class.

First grade is learning about the digestive system. They ate a potato chip and then dried off their tongue, with a paper towel, and ate the second chip. We concluded that we could taste less with a dry mouth and that saliva helps us taste.

Daily 5 Fun.


Planting Sunflowers!


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First grade learned about Kwanzaa and made beaded bracelets with African beads and colored Kwanzaa paper.

feider1 feider2 feider3

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