7th Grade Dissection



The standing joke around EverGreen Academy Middle School since they received a shipment of frozen frogs was that they'd be having "frog legs" for lunch. But, science teacher, Mrs. Leah Agee quickly assured everyone that those frogs would only be used for science. Over the last several weeks her seventh-grade classes have been learning about body systems and as a culminating project learned how to dissect a frog. Most students never had the opportunity to dissect before and at first there were mixed feelings about this until they dug into the assignment. All students were totally engrossed in their work but added that the smell of the preservative used in the frogs nearly put a few over the edge and out the door. The activity drew several staff who remembered when they had completed this task in their youthful days of school. Fortunately for these seventh graders dissection was held during their third hour class and plenty of time after their lunch. Will there be more dissection at EverGreen Academy you might ask? Of course! Eighth graders will soon take the scalpel to earth worms in May. Come join us if you have the stomach for it! Several staff are looking forward to it!

-Nancy Bloom

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