Elementary Carline Info: PikMyKid

PikMyKid Parent Letter (click here)


We have exciting news!! The elementary dismissal procedures are going to change to an app to help make our pick-up procedure even more streamlined!

Regular pick up persons will be using an app when they come into the parking lot to announce they are here and it will put the kids in the proper order to come out THE FIRST TIME CALLED!!!


1. You can only have 2 pick up people (not including daycare pickup vans). Currently they are listed as Mom and Dad.

2. If you need to adjust your NORMAL pick up people, please call Ms. Huck, 262.631.3659

3. Download the PikMyKid Parent app on the NORMAL pick up person’s smart phone. Again, if it is not Mom and Dad, you have to let Ms. Huck know so she can put them in the system for permission. (You will be able to delegate pick up to other people in your contacts list for a day or multiple days/schedule if needed. They will then download the app and follow the steps.

4. Open app, scroll down to “Register a New Account”

5. You will put in your name how it is in JMC (or your phone contacts if not already in the system)

6. Enter your email, then you will need to verify THROUGH YOUR EMAIL.

7. Back in the app, once you’ve verified IN YOUR EMAIL, click “Verify Now”

8. Enter phone number and they will send you a confirmation code through text to enter.

9. Then you will create a password and confirm your password and accept the terms and conditions

10. It should say “Congrats we found you”. If it doesn’t then you did not contact Ms. Huck to add the person you need added as one of the normal pickup people.

11. Your students will populate immediately!!

12. You will receive NEW car tags for your kids with a name and number on it!! Please have these displayed!!



1. Upon arriving at EverGreen, please open the app.

2. On the bottom, move to “Pickup”

3. WAIT for a staff member to tell you when to announce please!!! This puts the kids in the correct order for dismissal!!!

4. You will receive NEW car tags for your kids with a name and number on it!! Please have these displayed!!



1. In the app, under children, “click” on the arrow by your child’s name.

2. A calendar will appear

3. Choose the day you want to change who is picking up

4. Scroll down and press change pickup

5. Next screen shows the date. If this will repeat, check the drop down menu, if none of those apply, please hit “NEXT”

    1. 6. Select pick up mode a. Car line 1 is for PM pickup in a car
    2. b. Car line 2 is for AM K4 pickup ONLY
    3. c. We do not use walker, don’t choose this
    5. 7. You can choose a person from your contacts in your phone as long as it is a mobile (cell) number. They do not have to be part of EverGreen. You can make PMK contact through “open My Phonebook” to choose from your phone’s contact list a. Once you set them up, they will have to download the app and get set up like you had to. Your child will show up on the date you changed under “other children” on the home page.
    7. 8. Once you choose someone, “confirm change”
    8. 9. Both you and the person you are assigning will get a text and/or email letting everyone know it’s all set!