Letter from EverGreen's Founder

Grant and Marsha MeierGrant and Marsha Meier

After a 31+ year career in business, mostly in a teaching capacity, I decided to leave the corporate world and chase a dream that I have had for many years. That dream is to have a hand in starting a school that will give a first class education to youngsters whose parents feel, for whatever reason, their child or children are not getting the kind of education they had desired for them. After exploring a number of options, it became apparent to me that there was a need for another private school in the Racine area. There are a number of good private schools in Racine, but many of them have long waiting lists. Therefore, a lot of students are being left out. That didn’t seem right with me. So I, along with the help of others, took the steps necessary to start EverGreen Academy.

I would like the parents of youngsters in the Racine Area to know that if they want something better for their children in the way of early education, that’s exactly what EverGreen Academy will offer them. Small classes, taught by experienced teachers who love children, an innovative reading program, and a curriculum rich in music, art and physical activities is what we offer. I promise all parents who decide to have their children join us at EverGreen Academy, they will never regret their decision.

Grant Meier — Founder