Registration Needs

What to Bring for Registration

Applications for registration are only available during an Open Application period.  The first one begins February 1, 2024!

CLICK HERE to enter the DPI application page if applying for the Racine Parental Choice Program (voucher). You will need a valid email address to register and apply. Next, please drop off, email, or fax the following to the schools you applied to:

For families continuing in the Private Choice Program bring one of the following:

Per the Department of Public Instruction, the following information is required to be submitted to the school prior to the 21st of the month to complete your child’s application.

Residency Verification: Only ONE (1) is needed from the list below

1. Wage statement (paystub) or 2023 W-2.

2. Water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, satellite, or landline phone bill. Cell phone and internet only bills are NOT acceptable. The bill must be for services at the NAME and ADDRESS on the application and have a service address that matches the address on the application. The date that is used to determine if the bill meets the date requirements is the bill date or the last meter reading date on the bill.

3. Letter from the water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, satellite, or landline phone utility, regarding these utility services at the NAME and ADDRESS on the application. This letter must have been sent to the address on the application. Examples of this letter include a letter from the utility company establishing service at the new address or a past due letter sent to address on the application for service at that address.

4. Governmental correspondence. Examples include a property tax bill, Supplemental Security Income "SSI", Wisconsin Works "W2", FoodShare, United States Postal Service, or Housing Assistance letter. Printed statements from can be used as residency support if the statement is during the required period.

5. Signed and dated lease agreement with a term that includes the date the parent applies to the school (must be complete and legible) that is in the name of one of the parents/legal guardians at the address on the student application. Expired leases are NOT acceptable. Generally, the parent should try to provide one of the allowed residency documents other than a month to-month lease. However, if a month-to-month lease is used, it must be dated between three (3) months prior to the start of the open application period in which you submit the online application to the school and the end of that open application period. Rent receipts are NOT an allowed residency document.

6. Homeless individuals may identify a location for their residence if it is an identifiable location which could conceivably serve as a temporary residence. A homeless family should provide a letter on the organization’s letterhead from a shelter for the homeless or from a private or public organization providing services for homeless individuals signed and dated within the required time period by a representative of the organization. 7. Properly completed Alternative Residency Verification form (Form PI-PCP-51) only for situations where: (a) the student is not living with one of his or her parents or legal guardians; or (b) one of the parents/ legal guardians does not have one of the residency documents above and someone else living at the address on the application is able to provide one of the residency documents in 1 through 5 above for the family. 8. Safe at home card. Families participating in the Safe at Home program through the Wisconsin Department of Justice may provide a Safe at Home card for the residency documentation until the card’s expiration date. Families participating in the Safe at Home program should identify the address on the Safe at Home card in the online parent application. The parent should identify the school district on the application based on the address where the student actually resides.

Income Verification (depending on how you answered the income questions on the application):

Department of Revenue (DOR) verified income through the application and is complete.

Signed 2023 Federal 1040 Income Tax Return (complete document is generally 2 pages)

2023 W-2(s) where the income totals from Box 1 equal:

Agency letter verifying Food Share participation in 2023

Agency letter verifying Housing participation in 2023

Agency letter verifying SSI participation in 2023

Agency letter verifying SNAP participation in 2023

For families NOT applying for the Racine Parent Choice Program (voucher), please contact the school for tuition information and an application.