Uniform Order Form




 Our policy is as follows:

Solid color polos: Colors are red, white, navy blue, or forest green.

Dockers style dress pants or any other type of dress pants (gabardine, cotton, wool, etc.), cargo pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers: The colors are khaki, grey, black, black watch plaid, or EverGreen colors. No sweatpants, athletic pants, jeans, or extremely tight pants. Anytime someone’s pants are so tight that body parts are exposed or revealed, parents will be called to bring replacement pants.

  • Girls need to wear navy, forest green, red, or white tights/leggings under their skirts and jumpers. Shorts can take the place of tights/leggings under skirts and jumpers.
  • Leggings/jeggings may NOT be worn in place of pants.

Colder Weather:

  • Sweaters, vests, or sweatshirts may be worn as long as they are navy, forest green, red, or white. They should be solid colors and without embellishments of any kind (except for the EverGreen logo, of course).
  • Long sleeve shirts worn under polos can be navy, forest green, red, or white.

We have no problem with a student wearing a tie or bowtie with their polo shirt.

We have no problems with little girls wearing a plain, white blouse with a collar under their jumpers.

  • All clothing needs to be in good repair (no holes please).
  • If students are not in compliance with the dress code, parents will be contacted. Continual Non-compliance may result in a signature.

You can buy EverGreen shirts, shorts, jumpers, or skorts through the school at great prices. We will also have a “FUND FRIDAY” where the students can pay $.50 to wear street clothes (no offensive graphics or phrases). The funds raised from “FUND Friday” are used for School needs and to help those in need within the school. Further questions or info please refer to the EverGreen Academy Family Handbook. You can now order EverGreen clothing! They are high quality and excellent prices! If you would like to order, please contact the school or send us an email and we will get that done for you! Thank you! To see the picture larger, or to print an order form out, just click on it! Thank you again!