Q: When is the first day of school?

A: Our first day of school for middle school is Aug. 30 and elementary is Aug. 31, 2021.

Q: When is the last day of school?

A: Our last scheduled day for 4k is May 26, 2022. Elementary is June 2, 2022 at noon. Middle school is June 3, 2021 at 1pm.

Q: Do you have uniforms?

A: Yes, we have uniforms. Uniform policy is solid color polos in red, white, navy blue, black, or forest green. Dress Pants or Docker style pants allowed in Khaki, Black, Brown, Navy or Blackwatch Plaid. Girls may wear the same colors of skirts or jumpers. Shorts are allowed in the same colors. Leggings or tights are allowed. Sweaters, sweatshirts and vests are also allowed in the shirt colors. You can buy EverGreen shirts, shorts, jumpers, or skorts through the school at great prices. We will also have a “FUND FRIDAY” where the students can pay $.50 to wear street clothes (no offensive graphics or phrases). The funds raised from “FUND Friday” are used for School needs and to help those in need within the school. Further questions or info please refer to the EverGreen Academy Family Handbook or contact us.

Q: What are your school hours?

A: Elementary – Chicory Building (3351 Chicory Road)

4 year old Kindergarten, 1/2 day: AM Kindergarten is 8:05 am – 11:05 am & PM Kindergarten is 12:20 pm – 3:20 pm

5K through 5th grade full day: 8:05 am – 3:20 pm

Middle School – Lathrop Building (3554 Taylor Avenue)

6th through 8th grade: 8:00 am – 3:35 pm

Q: Do you have before and after school care?

A: Children can be dropped off at 7:45 in the morning at no charge. If you needed additional hours, we have licensed childcare centers who have been known to transport to and from EverGreen Academy: Mauer Home School, Little Champions, Child Harbor, and Lov ‘N Care.

Q: Will you have art, music, and physical education?

A: Elementary specialists include art, music and gym.  Middle School includes technology, music, art, and gym.

Q: Do you have a cafeteria?

A: We do not have a cafeteria, so the children will eat lunch everyday in their class with their teacher.

Q: Do you offer hot lunch?

A: Yes, school lunches are available for children. Every student is eligible for on free lunch each day and this includes milk.  White and chocolate milk are available everyday.

Q: Do you have a playground?

A: Yes!!

Q: What is your class size?

A: Our limit is 24 students per class.

Q: Do you offer busing?

A: No, we do not offer busing. This allows us to make our own school hours and allows the teachers to meet with parents when picking up their children.

Q: Do you have after school clubs?

A: Yes, clubs are subject to change, but in the past we have had dance, flag football, basketball, cross country, garden, Lego, game, Student Council, Battle of the Books, cooking, craft, and sewing. Please see your teacher for more info. This year, due to Covid, we have postponed clubs until further notice. Instead, our teachers host office hours for one hour/once a week to help students with academic needs.