Lunch Menu

We do our best to provide healthy lunches that the students will enjoy!

Lunch costs students $1.30 , purchased at least 1 day in advanced.

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November 2021 Lunch Menu

December 2021 Lunch Menu

Lunch FAQs

Q: How do I order school lunch?
A: Each student will be given a monthly lunch calendar. Please indicate which days you would like school lunch (circle the day) or simply check box for all lunches. Then return lunch calendar to your teacher by given date on calendar.

Q: What if I never want school lunch?
A: Please still return form to your teacher stating no lunch.

Q: How do I order two school lunches?
A: Please indicate with a "2" on the specific day you would like a second lunch.

Q: How much is school lunch? And how do I pay for lunch?
A: School lunch is $1.30 per lunch this includes one milk. This money can come right out of your school account. Or you can send money in an envelope stating exactly what the money is for (lunch/student account).

Q: What do I get to drink with my school lunch?
A: White milk accompanies lunch daily, chocolate milk is served Friday or the last day of the week.

Q: How do I get an extra milk? Or can I just purchase milk with home lunch?
A: Milk is $0.30; you can order an extra milk to go with your school lunch. You can also order milk to go with home lunch. Money comes out of student account. 

Q: Will the lunch menu ever change?
A: The main dish should never change without notice, side dishes are subject to availability and seasonality.

Q: What if my child is absent do I still get charged for my lunch? Can I cancel my lunch?
A: You will be charged for your school lunch if the school is notified after 9am. No cancellations once the menu has been turned in.

Q: How do I know if my child(ren) turned in their lunch menu?
A: Each child will be given their lunch menu back with a check mark on it. This is how you know it has been checked and ordered. 

Q: My child is in middle school do I need to fill out the lunch calendar?
A: Yes, this year each student including middle school needs to fill out the lunch calendar.

Q: My child is in 4K, do they get school lunch?
A: No, neither AM/PM 4K will be receiving school lunch. 

Q: My child forgot their lunch, can they have school lunch?
A: We will make every attempt to have you bring your child a lunch. Otherwise we will offer an alternative lunch.