Mr. Michael Meier

Directing Principal

Michael Meier - Directing Principal

My name is Michael Meier, and it is an absolute pleasure to be the principal of EverGreen Academy. I love EverGreen with all my heart and look forward to many years of success here at school. For the first two years of EverGreen’s existence, I taught the 3rd grade and loved it! I have been the principal since the 2015-2016 school year.

My philosophy of teaching, in some aspects, will also be my philosophy of being principal. First off, I truly love being around these children and being principal will allow me to visit their classrooms more frequently and help them in their academic careers. Second, I believe that every child is unique in the way they learn and in the way they go about their daily life. It will be my mission to help those that need the most help, nurture those that need the most care, encourage those who have fallen down to get back up, and motivate them all to greatness. At EverGreen, I don’t only want to build excellent scholars, but I also want to develop citizens of integrity. School is much more than math and history. Morals and high standards will also be expected. School will be challenging, but it is our goal to have children LOVE coming to school. EverGreen will be their 2nd home and will be a joy to come to every morning.

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful, supportive, amazing wife and 8 wonderful children. I don’t know what my life would be without them. It would definitely be quieter!  I have had my own children attend EverGreen, and I have loved seeing them during the day. I love spending time with my family, playing sports and games, watching movies and just hanging out with each other. Outside of my family, I love going to the movies, reading an occasional good book, playing card games, and traveling.

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