Mrs. Lisa DeMali

Director of Student Advocacy

Lisa DeMali - Student Advocacy

Hello, my name is Lisa DeMali, and I this is my sixth year at Evergreen Academy, and I cannot wait to get started! My role this year will be as an instructional coach for teachers and I will also lead the special education team. I will be pushing in and pulling out at both the elementary and middle school, helping teachers become the best they can be to help students do the same.

My educational background: I studied for my BS in Psychology at Loyola University and then studied at National Louis for a Master’s in Teaching and a second Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. I passed the administrative licensure exam and I just completed Special Education certification training this year. I have doctoral work through Loyola University. I am a life-long learner and hope my love of education is infectious.

My family: I am married to my high school sweetheart and share a stepson who turned 16 this summer. Yikes! We all share a home with our 20-year-old cat Cooper, our 2-year-old cat Beansie, and have added a 1-year-old cat who was called Piper, but thinks her name is No, no, get down! We love our family time and hold family dinners sacred where we can catch up and share our lives together. We have a big back porch for gathering and can often be found floating in our silly little blow-up pool!

Responsibilities: Some things I am really looking forward to this year are working on the Data and Curriculum Team, heading the Special Education Team, and on-boarding new teachers with the Fundamentals of Teaching course I designed. Most important to me, however, is working to ensure all students learn and grow.

I look forward to a great year at Evergreen!