Mr. Douglas Stefanski

Middle School Science

Mr. Douglas Stefanski

Hello, my name is Douglas Stefanski. My hobbies include writing, cosplay, fossil hunting, and spending time with my friends. I collect anime figures, fossils, and scientific specimens (mostly bones and things in jars).

I began teaching in the Fall of 2020. I completed my BA in Biology with an emphasis in Paleontology and received my Masters of Education both from Cartage College. I would someday like to complete a PHD in Paleontology, as well as some second Doctoral degree. I have yet to decide on what that will be in.

Though EverGreen is the third school I have taught at, it is the first school where I will be having my own classroom. Because of this, I am more excited than ever for the school year. I look forward to helping all my students discover the glory and joys of science, especially dinosaurs!